Workshop on Overcoming Internal Resistance

Jane Elliott PhD
2 min readJul 7, 2022

A one-hour event where I teach you some of the best stuff I know about how to get around internal resistance — and coach some volunteers too.

In the year since I published my Medium essay on internal resistance, I’ve heard from so many people about their struggles to do the work they care about.

I divide these issues up into hiding (not being able to do stuff) and chasing (doing stuff all the time but feeling like it’s never enough). Hiding and chasing are different symptoms of the same issue, so it’s not surprising that the same people often tend to bounce between them. They both come from the ways we think about ambition, achievement and fulfilment.

On 14 and 16 July 2022, I’m offering a workshop where I’m going to teach some of the tools and techniques I’ve created to deal with these symptoms over my years of mentoring and coaching, and dig into how to approach the underlying issues too.

If you’ve read and benefited from any of my series on creative blocks but want more hands-on engagement, this is the perfect opportunity. I’m also going to be talking for about five minutes about my group programme and giving people a chance to ask questions about it.

You can get the details and learn how to sign up here.

This workshop has concluded, but you can now sign up a one on 6 or 7 January 2023 on how to identify and change the specific mental patterns that are keeping you stuck.

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